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About Jones National Bank and Trust Co.

Jones National Bank and Trust Co. serves the vibrant communities of Seward and Milford, Nebraska. At Jones National Bank and Trust Co. our philosophy of “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” reflects our attitude of helpfulness and community support. As a leading Nebraska community bank, we continually invest in the individuals and businesses in our communities. Whatever your banking needs just call us at 402-643-3602 or stop by one of our convenient branches.

Jones National Bank was founded in 1883 by Claudius Jones and we continue the tradition of being locally owned. Our financial services products have changed over the years, but our commitment to strong banking practices has not. Seward, Milford, and the surrounding area is our home. We have a vested interest in the continued prosperity of our trade area. That is why it's been our goal to provide the best of business and personal financial services. We care about our neighbors and take the time to put our knowledge and understanding to work for you.

Jones National Bank and Trust Co. has always been, and remains, a strongly capitalized financial institution. Through good times - and when times weren't so good - we've always been here. Close to home and ready to offer our support.

After all, that is what neighbors are for!

The Officers and Employees of the Jones National Bank and Trust Co. look forward to serving you.