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Locations & Bank Hours

ATM Locations
Jones National Bank and Trust Co. has ATM's located in Seward and Milford for your convenience.

Walk Up:
  Concordia University - Corner of Hillcrest and Eastridge, Seward, NE
ocated in the Health, Human Performance and Athletic Center building

Drive Up:
  Seward Branch - 341 North 6th Street, Seward, NE
  West of the Wal-Mart Parking Lot - South Highway #15, Seward, NE
  Milford Branch - 807 5th Street, Milford, NE
Lost or Stolen ATM/Visa® Debit Card?
During Bank Hours, call 1-888-562-3602. After Bank Hours, call 1-800-472-3272.


Be sure to look for these symbols when using your Jones National Bank and Trust Co. ATM Cash Advantage Card or Jones National Bank and Trust Co. Visa Check Card. Additional charges may apply when not using a Jones National Bank ATM.

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