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Company Charge Card


Visa® Platinum Company Charge Card

If your business's annual revenue is greater than $7 million and you employ more than 50 people, this card is for you.  

♦  Large Corporations

♦  Financial Institutions

♦  Non-profit Organizations

♦  Municipalities

Features and Benefits

♦  No Annual Fee*

♦  Pay-in-Full Monthly

♦  Higher spending limits

♦  Authorized users at no extra charge

♦  Online access

♦  Fraud monitoring with 0% liability

♦  Personal customer service provided by Jones National Bank

♦  Combine bills and pay all at once by mail or online

To apply click here

Manage your account online at

Mail payments to: VISA, PO Box 30131, Tampa FL 33630

For questions, please contact Jennifer at 402.643.3602 during regular business hours.  

24 hour Visa® Customer Service number is 800.883.0131.

*See the card applications Terms and Conditions for more information.  Credit cards are subject to credit approval.  Cards are issued by TCM Bank, N.A.