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Farm Insurance

Sit Down with a Professional Agent to Make Sure Your Farm is Covered

A hundred farmers will head out to the fields of Seward County on any given day during the growing season this year. Each one’s farm property insurance needs are slightly different.

That’s why Jones National Bank and Trust Company has Phil Bangert on staff to help you assess your farm’s unique property insurance needs. Phil is a seasoned agent with over 35 years experience working with farmers right here in Seward County. Phil will sit down with you and explain the various kinds of farm property insurance that are available. Then, together, you can determine the right amount of coverage for your family farm’s needs.

Farm property insurance coverage we have available includes:

  • Dwelling Coverage
  • Household Personal Property
  • Loss of Use
  • Scheduled Farm Personal Property
  • Unscheduled (Blanket) Farm Personal Property
  • Liability Coverages
  • Recreational Vehicles

Of course, in addition to your farm’s property coverage needs, you know how important having adequate crop insurance is in Seward County. We offer every type – plus the experience to help you decide which is right for you.

Give Phil or Susan a call today at (402) 643-3602 to set a time to sit down and evaluate all your farm insurance needs.

*Not a deposit, Not FDIC Insured, Not insured by any federal government agency, Not guaranteed by the bank, May go down in value