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Home and Auto Insurance Needs

It’s Time for a Personal Family Insurance Checkup

When it comes to insuring your Auto or Home in Seward County, the staff at Jones National Bank and Trust Company knows there simply isn’t one policy that’s right for everybody. That’s why our insurance team, led by Phil Bangert and Susan Singleton, help you evaluate your current needs and aid you in determining the coverage that’s right for you. As an Independent insurance agent, we have access to several different carriers. This gives us the flexibility to match the right coverage to your family’s situation.

Phil or Susan will sit down with you to make sure the proper insurance is in place to safeguard your future.

Just as your auto insurance needs change so do your needs as a homeowners. Yes, most homeowners are required to carry sufficient insurance to cover the mortgage from loss. But to be adequately insured you really need to go beyond the basics to make sure your home isn’t underinsured.

It is very easy for the total value of both your personal property in your home and the value of your home itself to increase…and yet your insurance needs may not keep up.

The answer? A review of your family’s insurance. Call Phil or Susan today at (402) 643-3602 to set up a time that’s best for you.

*Not a deposit, Not FDIC insured, Not insured by any federal government agency, Not guaranteed by the bank, May go down in value