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Prestige Advantage Club Checking

You've Arrived - Has Your Checking Account?
You know how to manage your money - you're ready for Prestige Advantage from Jones National Bank and Trust Co. This account will work for you by earning interest each month. Plus, Prestige Advantage is a gateway to a suite of other services Jones National Bank and Trust Co. offers - all for no monthly fee as long as you maintain your minimum balance. And, as a bonus, you have free travel advantages so you can get out and live a little - or a lot!

Key Account Features:
  • Earns Interest - And Prestige Advantage Club Checking is backed by the FDIC so your account is safe
  • No Monthly Service Fees - When minimum balance is maintained
  • Check Images Included With Monthly Statement – Easy to see where you wrote your checks
  • Free Standard Design Checks - Other styles at a discount
  • Jones National Bank & Trust Co. withdrawal fees waived at non-JNB ATM's
  • Additional Benefits including Free Traveler's Checks, and More

Additional Features
  • Unlimited check writing ability free of charge
  • Free ATM withdrawals and inquiries at Jones National Bank and Trust Co. ATM's
  • Free ATM Card, or Jones National Bank and Trust Co. VISA® Check Card (with approved credit)
  • Free American Express Travelers Checks
  • Free Cashier's Checks
  • Free Safe Deposit Box rental for a year
  • Free Notary Service

Minimum Balance
  • Minimum deposit of $100.00 required to open an account
  • Average daily balance of $5,000.00
  • Otherwise, a $20.00 charge is applied if the balance falls below this

Interest Rates

Interest rates can change on the second business day of each week to reflect market conditions. Rates can vary for balances of under $500; $500+; $5,000 +; and $25,000. Interest computed on daily collected balance and credited to the account monthly.

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