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Reserve Checking

Protect your checking account. Let’s face it – you lead a busy life. Juggling work, life, and all your family commitments. Let Reserve Checking from Jones National Bank and Trust Co. help give you some peace of mind. See a list of the features below, or please call us at 402-643-3602.

This account provides checking without the worry of accidental overdrafts and overdraft charges. There is a quick approval time to establish the line of credit.

Automatic Advances
The funds are automatically deposited into your checking account ($100.00 per transfer) when your account reaches a zero balance or below. No transaction fee is charged for the transfer.

You will receive a statement on your Reserve Checking Account each month at the same time you receive your Jones National Bank checking account statement.

Payment Plan
Payments are automatically charged against your checking account each month. The minimum payment is $30.00 or 10% of the outstanding balance, plus interest. The monthly payment date is 10 days following your checking account statement cycle. You may payoff the balance due at any time.

Competitive Interest Rate
This is a variable interest rate which is tied to, and changes, as the National Prime Rate changes.

Annual Fee
The annual fee for this service is only $15.00

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