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Jones National Bank and Trust Co. Deposit Accounts

Savings Account
Savings accounts from Jones National Bank and Trust Co. – the core of a solid financial plan. A savings account is a great way to save money, and is much safer than underneath the mattress! [learn more]

Christmas Club
Tis' the season! Our Christmas Club Savings account provides special benefits for Christmas savers, sign up and enjoy the benefits. [learn more]

Money Market
Our Money Market Plus account allows you greater flexibility with your growing account. Earn interest and still have access to your account. [learn more]

Certificate of Deposit
A Certificate of Deposit (CD) gives you a wide range of maturities and is a great way to save money! [learn more]

Health Savings Account
Jones National Bank and Trust Co. is now offering a Health Savings Account. A HSA from Jones National Bank has great features such as, Tax-Free Benefits, Flexibility in Spending, Year-to-Year Savings, and much more! [learn more]

Use one of these financial calculators to help you make your decision. [learn more]

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