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ATM and VISA® Card Information

Full service VISA® and ATM options are available through Jones National Bank and Trust Co., feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

Jones National Bank and Trust Co. Cash Advantage ATM Card

With a Cash Advantage ATM Card you can get cash 24 hours a day at all ATM locations There is also no charge for making deposits at an ATM. You can find our ATM locations here.

VISA® Check Card • Cash Advantage

With Visa® Check Card • Cash Advantage you can make purchases from your checking account without writing a check at all locations that display VISA logos. You can get cash at ATMs, as well as transfer funds and make account inquiries.

If your ATM/Visa® Debit Card is lost or stolen, you may contact us during bank hours at 1-888-562-3602 and after bank hours at 1-800-472-3272.

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