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Trust Services to Help You through Life’s Transitions

Every day our neighbors face life’s transitions together. We find ourselves in the middle of life changes as we grow older, as we or the kids move, as we switch careers or start new businesses.

The Trust Department of Jones National Bank and Trust Company is committed to helping the members of our community through each of these life transitions. Based in Seward County, our Trust Department serves clients across Nebraska and the Nation. We sit down with you to evaluate where you and your family are now and discuss your concerns and goals. Only after thoroughly determining your needs do we suggest a series of actions that is right for you. And rest assured, we work hand-in-hand with your current legal and tax professionals.

At the Trust Department of Jones National Bank and Trust Company, we provide Personal Trust Services for every area of your life.



When you are ready, just give Allan, Karen or Nancy a call at (402) 643-3602 to determine a time to sit down together and discuss your current needs and future goals.