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Estate Administration

Making Life’s Tough Transitions Easier on Your Family

The duty of a Personal Representative is to deal with the estate of a deceased person. Many times a family member is named as a Personal Representative. There is another alternative, however: engaging the services of the Trust Department of Jones National Bank and Trust Company to handle this role.

Estate Administration Advantages:
  • Professional experience in handling estates
  • Can reduce friction among family members
  • Reduce stress during a time of grieving
People usually have the best of intentions when naming a friend or family member as the Personal Representative. However, friends and family members are typically not well-versed in all the legal and financial aspects of handling an estate. Unfortunately, sometimes hard feelings can arise when one person who is a member of the family is appointed Personal Representative. Despite his or her best efforts, they may face time constraints that don’t allow them to really do the best job for everybody involved.

By using the Trust Department of Jones National Bank and Trust Company to handle this role, you draw upon over 70 years combined experience, professionalism and expertise. Our Trust Officers have completed numerous professional seminars and classes including Advanced Trust Administration. They keep current on changing laws and are adept at working with other professionals and the courts.

Plus, we all live here in Seward County. We are your neighbors. While we take pride in our jobs as professionals; our roots are here and we are fully aware of our responsibility to those families that are such a vital part of our community.

Why add to the family burden while you are going through an emotional time? Trust us to take care of the legal aspects of handling the estate. Give Allan, Karen or Nancy a call at (402) 643-3602 to determine a time to get together and discuss your needs.

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