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Personal Trust Services from Jones National Bank and Trust Company

Questions Answered and Solutions Presented in Plain English

We all experience changes as we move through life’s different stages. We all desire our future and our families to be secure. At the Trust Department of Jones National Bank and Trust Company we take the time to assist you in these transitions from one stage of life to the next.

Preparing for the future can seem overwhelming; there is so much information out there from friends and family, TV and the internet. Most of us didn’t go to law school, and the terminology can be confusing. Do I need a Power of Attorney? How is an Estate or Trust different from a Conservatorship? Some people just find the whole process too much and give up. Unfortunately, life’s transitions will happen whether we want them to or not.

That’s why our team of experienced professionals is here for you. First we sit down with you and evaluate your needs and goals. After determining your needs we suggest a series of actions that is right for you and provide the solid management to carry out your goals. Every family has unique needs, yet generally our lives fall into broad categories with needs common to the stage we are in:

Starting Out
  • Insurance, often for the first time on our own
  • Saving for emergencies and that first home
  • Investment – starting small and building investing discipline
Well Established
  • Investing for College and Retirement
  • Trust and Transition Services for Your Parents
  • Preparing for unexpected accidents or illness
Later Years
  • Personal Care – You may want help in paying some of your monthly bills
  • Investment and Portfolio Rebalancing to ensure your money is accessible
  • Estate planning and Trusts
Allan, Karen and Nancy have over 70 years combined experience creating personal Trust and Investment solutions for Seward County families in each phase of life. Just call us today at (402) 643-3602 and we’ll use our solid management experience to help you effectively plan for your financial future.