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Carpet Installed in Auditorium

West Parking Lot Removed

West Reception Area

Cabinets Behind Teller Line

New Teller Line

Kitchen Beside Auditorium


New Front Door


Waiting Area on West Side of Bank

New Teller Line Area

From West End of Bank Looking East

New Teller Line Area

New Trust Department

New Windows & Door on East Side

New Drive Up Area

From east end of bank looking west

Front Door Removed on West Side

New Windows on East Side of Bank

Addition Looking Southwest

Reception Area - West End of Bank

Limestone installed on addition

From addition looking northeast

Windows replaced on the north side of the bank



New receptionist area in Trust Department

From west end of bank

Limestone on Addition

Drywall in Auditorium

Insulation in Auditorium


From Addition looking into the bank


From west end of building looking into addition

South side of building

From drive up window looking north

Northeast side of bank

Houses removed

Marquee Removed



Windows removed in bookkeeping department

West wall of addition

Steel is placed for new drive up area

Main level - taken from southwest side of bank looking north

New walls on main level

Limestone is removed from east side of the building

New Basement Addition

Bottom of Basement Stairs

Drive Up Demolition

From west door looking southeast

From Drive-Up Looking towards Teller Line 

Auditorium begins to be framed

Concrete walls being poured

Basement walls being constructed

Basement walls being framed

Back wall of teller line

From west door looking east

Basement for addition

Demolition continues in loan department (west end of building)

Basement demolition

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