Safe Deposit Box Procedures During 2013-1014 Remodel


Safe Deposit Box Hours of Availability:
Monday - Friday:  8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Saturday: 8:00 am – Noon

Our safe deposit boxes will remain at our Main Bank and you will be able to access your box throughout most of the construction process. To access your safe deposit box, you may call (402) 643-3602 to make an appointment or visit the Seward Branch or Bradford Centre and request entry into your box. At that time, we will inform you where to park and what entrance to use at the Main Bank. A Jones National Bank employee will meet you there to assist you.

During the remodeling, there will be different phases which may require us to modify how the Safe Deposit Boxes can be accessed.

If you need to make any changes to your safe deposit box (add a signer, change names, etc), please visit the Seward Branch.

Due to construction, there may be short periods of time when your box is not accessible. If this would occur, we will provide you advanced notice.