Jones Bank serves Seward, Milford, Valparaiso and the surrounding communities. At Jones Bank our philosophy of “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” reflects our attitude of helpfulness and community support. As a leading Nebraska community bank, we continually invest in the individuals and businesses in our communities.

Jones Bank has always been, and remains, a strongly capitalized financial institution. Through good times – and when times weren’t so good – we’ve always been here. Close to home and ready to offer our support.  After all, that is what neighbors are for!

Jones Bank Timeline


Claudius Jones, a businessman born in Kendall, New York, along with Harry T Jones, Matthew A Butler, Richard R Schick, William W Walker, Issac B Sorter and Edward O’Keefe met for the purpose of organizing a national bank to serve the Seward area.   The Comptroller of the Currency issued a charter for The Jones National Bank to begin its banking operations under the laws of the United States. The bank was opened on the northeast corner of the square in Seward and Claudius Jones was elected its first President. The bank reported total assets of $85,600.  (On December 31, 2021, the bank reported total assets of $383,186,000.)


Jones National Bank acquires The Seward County Bank (established by S.C. Langworthy in 1876 and later evolving into the First National Bank).


Jones National Bank acquires Goehner State Bank (founded in 1903).


Jones National Bank acquires Bank of Staplehurst (founded in 1886).


Jones National Bank constructed a new facility and moved to its present location on the corner of 6th and Main Streets in Seward.


The Bank was authorized to establish a Trust Company and the name was changed to The Jones National Bank and Trust Company of Seward.


Jones National Bank assumed the deposits of American National Bank in Seward and purchased the branch building.


The bank began construction of a branch in Milford, Nebraska.  That office opened for business in January, 2004.


The bank remodeled and added two additions to the Main Bank in Seward.  The staff was relocated to the Seward Branch and the Bradford Centre.  The bank reopened on June 23, 2014.  With the remodel, the Seward Branch facility was closed.


On December 28, 2018, Jones National Bank & Trust Company was approved to be a state chartered bank with a state trust department. The bank is now regulated by the Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance and the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.  The bank changed its name to Jones Bank and updated its logo.


Jones Bank acquired Oak Creek Valley Bank in Valparaiso (founded in 1899).  It became a full service branch.


As the banking industry in Nebraska continues to evolve, Jones Bank remains financially strong and devoted to Seward County and the surrounding counties.